The Reporter: National Honor Society collects food for local Ronald McDonald House

The following story was written by students on the staff of The Reporter as part of Hilliard Bradley High School’s Journalism Production course.

by Amanda Nashalsky, Get Involved Co-Editor

NHS members assembled snack boxes for patients and their families attending treatment at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Photo courtesy of Brian Gerber

NHS members assembled snack boxes for patients and their families attending treatment at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Photo courtesy of Brian Gerber

Bradley’s National Honors Society chapter has been collecting canned goods this winter for the Ronald McDonald House.  

The Ronald McDonald House is a charity that supplies food for the families that have to spend their time in a hospital with their child. With all of the time and money put into helping children in the hospital that are going through life-changing procedure such as cancer, the Ronald McDonald House tries to focus more on the relief of the sick child’s family members. Most donations go to the hospital to help with the patients but there can be a huge emotional toll on the parents and siblings. On top of the price for the hospital stay and procedures, the cost of food increases greatly the longer they have to stay as patients’ families often have to purchase expensive restaurant or convenience foods. 

Students in National Honors Society are donating their time along with lots of food to make the stressful situation of having a child in the hospital a little easier. The NHS spends a lot of time donating to small causes and they also focus on volunteering within the community.

Brian Gerber, a science teacher and NHS adviser, explained the purpose of the food drive:  “We are putting together snack-packs for them to take over to the hospital so families aren’t forced to buy hospital food every time they go for a treatment.” All of these donations by the Bradley students and staff are making a major impact on the families of children receiving medical treatment.