The Reporter: Marathon experience benefits patients and runners alike

The following story was written by students on the staff of The Reporter as part of Hilliard Bradley High School’s Journalism Production course.

by Abbi Hile, News Co-Editor, and Grace Christman, News Co-Editor

The Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus marathon is an annual fall event that benefits patients and runners. This year’s race will include a student as one of the patient champions that inspire runners as they follow the 26.2 mile course. Photo by Abbi Hile for The Reporter

Every October, Nationwide Children’s Hospital hosts a Columbus marathon to celebrate the lives of children affected by disease. This event allows the entire Columbus and central Ohio area to come together for a great cause. Proceeds from the marathon go towards the hospital and research for the hospital, which is ranked as one of the best children’s hospitals in the country, according to 

One of our own Jaguars, Ashlee Mascolino (10), is a patient champion in this year’s October 15 race.  Mascolino described who a patient champion is: “A patient champion is a child or someone who has been admitted to the hospital before and is given a mile to be at during the marathon to cheer on runners.” Mascolino was in and out of the hospital dealing with health issues when she was younger. Mascolino added, “My [mile post] theme is the beach and if you want to get involved, come down to the marathon to support the runners or donate to the hospital!”

Jill Hile, a member of the Columbus Marathon Board of Directors, explained her experience as a runner and planner of the event. “I’ve run the marathon once, and the half many times, and I can say there’s no bad place to watch the race. If you’re downtown, you’re in a good spot!” This year she will be running on behalf of Mascolino and her own daughter, Alli Hile (11) who has Cystic Fibrosis and was in the hospital multiple times. Hile was a previous patient champion for the marathon.  Hile’s advice to Mascolino? “Stay warm, have fun, and cheer on the runners. The experience was life changing for me!”

Heather Domitrovic, a parent of a Bradley student, is a lifetime runner and is participating in this year’s full marathon, is excited to run. “It feels truly amazing when I finish! The spectators cheering at the end gets my adrenaline pumping and helps me finish stronger.”