The Reporter: Engineering trade show exhibits student designs

The following story was written by a student on the staff of The Reporter as part of Hilliard Bradley High School’s Journalism Production course.

by Jennifer Nashalsky, Editor in Chief

  Family, friends, and other guests came to to the Bradley Commons to see the developments and designs created by Engineering students this year.A total of 36 student groups from all three high schools presented their work on Saturday, May 6th. Some projects that were created by the students included creating new apps, a hip brace, an attachment for a tractor, and many more.

Angelina Marchio, a Darby student in Engineering, poses with her hip brace invention. Photo by Jennifer Nashalsky for The Reporter

 Matthew Parks, Engineering teacher at Hilliard Bradley, thought that the trade show went well: “I was impressed with most of the projects. These students spent a full year researching and becoming experts on their projects.  Based on what they learned they were able to make improvements upon current products or create something completely new. The depth of understanding and application for each project was impressive.”

  Daniel Butchko is a senior at Hilliard Bradley that participated in the Engineering Trade Show. His group constructed a sandwich maker. When he was asked about his thoughts on the product, he replied, “I would definitely consider it a success. We can make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at the press of a button! It’s far from perfect, but it was nice to know that with a little more time we can make huge improvements!”

Zach Haney, left, Kevin Lee, middle, and Ryan COnley, right, pose with their invention that spreads in a circular motion. Photo by Jennifer Nashalsky for The Reporter

 Another senior at Bradley, Abdul Kargo, created with his group members a self retrieving baseball net. This product demonstrates that if a baseball is thrown into the net, instead of using multiple baseballs, the baseball can hit the net and then shoot out of a hole back to whoever threw the ball so they can throw the same ball repeatedly. His favorite part the trading show was the social aspect of the event: “I had a chance to meet with every student from each school. I was having the chance to meet parents and I enjoyed having them, as well as the students test out our prototype.”

Parks also described the benefits of taking Engineering classes in high school: “It’s great to see the students pursue topics they’re passionate about; I think the freedom to choose their own topic and the direction they take it is a big reason for the success and quality of the projects.”