My Name is John Marschhausen, Pleasure to Meet You!

Hilliard City Schools


As the next superintendent of Hilliard City Schools, I am eager to begin building strong relationships with the entire community. I know that Hilliard City Schools cares about the students, staff and community and our job is to make sure you are aware of the myriad of changes taking place within the world of education. It is important to me that you understand our decision-making processes, are informed about the opportunities we are providing and the value we provide by making tough choices that prepare students for tomorrow.

Change makes some people uneasy, but change without warning or explanation often leads to chaos. This is why Hilliard Schools continues to diligently provide information in a myriad of different forms to our community. As your superintendent, I believe the most effective communications opportunities are face-to-face conversations. During the next several months I will schedule events to make these personal contacts.

In addition, Hilliard City Schools offers a variety of digital communication channels. We understand that many community members are digital consumers. The digital world has no borders, few barriers, and allows networks to build worldwide in an instant.

Get Connected provides an opportunity for me to share the thoughts, ideas and reasoning behind decisions that influence education today. However it will never replace a personal conversation and the trust that comes from building meaningful relationships. I will use this blog on a regular basis to share information. As we get to know each other I trust you will “hear my voice” through my blogs.

I look forward to our journey together as we continually seek to prepare our students to be successful leaders of tomorrow.