Foreign Exchange Programs

Hilliard City Schools is committed to global learning experiences. One of the ways to empower our youth is through foreign exchange programs. We encourage our students to study abroad whenever the opportunity arises. Additionally, we host foreign exchange students in our schools to: provide intercultural awareness, inspire lasting global friendships, and to equip our students with 21st century skills for an ever-changing and “connected” world community.

Hilliard City Schools in partnership with Rotary International strive to afford these global learning experiences to both incoming and outgoing students. Rotary International has been chosen as our partner due to the high quality of excellence and standards they uphold. Rotary International is linked to both our Hilliard Community Rotary Organization as well as to our Key Club, a student run organization dedicated to community service.

Furthermore, Rotary has a tremendous screening process which accepts only the strongest applicants with high levels of English proficiency. This ensures that our foreign exchange students will be successful in our schools with little need for teacher interventions due to English language gaps. Moreover, Rotary International files and completes all of the necessary immigration forms and paperwork to allow international students to be a part of our school system. We allow for a maximum of 3 foreign exchange students a year per High School on a first come, first serve basis (application form attached). Submittal deadline for applications is August 1st of every school year and must be pre-approved through rotary as well as the building administrator.

If you are interested in hosting a foreign exchange student or sending your student on an exchange program please visit: for more information and complete our form. This Hilliard City Schools application form should be sent to the building administrator prior to August 1st.