First Grade Writers Workshop with Technology

The Washington Elementary students in Dara Chamberlain’s first grade class are writing book reviews using iPads. To begin, they first explored the concept of an opinion. Literacy Coach Amy Smedly had students look at real reviews and real opinion pieces written by other first grade students. The students began to write their own opinion pieces about toys, video games, food, and finally books. They then worked with Media Specialist Linda Culbertson on book reviews.

Next, the students worked in teams of two to read books not currently in the Washington Media Center. To incorporate technology into the lesson students worked with Technology Teacher Lauren Davis to find the best way to video, record, and present their book reviews on iPads.

After writing the reviews a team of teachers will choose their five favorites. These five will be presented to the students of Washington Elementary who will then vote on their favorite. The winning book will be donated by Mrs. Chamberlain’s class to the Washington Media Center.

This meets curriculum standards of speaking and listening comprehension and collaboration. The students participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners about grade one topics and texts. Giving students opportunities to work on one project in several stages and with several components prepares them to be Ready for Tomorrow.