National Poetry Month: 5 Sites You Should Know

While every day is a good day for poetry, I find myself pretty excited when the calendar turns to April.  April is National Poetry Month.  Here are 5 sites you want to know for the month:

The Poem Farm:  The Poem Farm is Amy Ludwig VanDerwater’s poetry website.  At her site you will find a daily poem, Poem Peeks (classroom poetry spotlight), helpful tips for writing poetry, and links to past poems.  Amy has a link to SoundCloud for each poem where she reads the poem aloud…perfect for younger readers.  At her site, you can search by type of poetry or topic.  This site is a treasure trove of poetry.

Live Your Poem with Irene Latham:  Live Your Poem is part of Irene Latham’s site.  At Live Your Poem, you’ll find links to her Artspeak! projects.  In these poems, Irene uses a piece of art to inspire poetry.  This site makes a good mentor site for young poets.  Check it out!

Poetry 4 Kids:  Kenn Nesbitt was the poet laureate from 2013-2015 and created this site as a resource and playground for young poets.  You’ll find all types of poetry here.  In addition to poems, you’ll find poetry podcasts, resources, and other helpful information.

Joyce Sidman:  Joyce Sidman has many published poetry books, many of which bring poetry and informational text together.  Her website has many useful links.  You’ll want to check out her tips for writers.  Young writers will appreciate her helpful advice.

Poems Kids Like: has a collection of poetry for children.  Check it out!

Happy National Poetry Month.  You can find more information at the Twitter hashtag:  #NationalPoetryMonth and #npm17.  If your students are writing poetry, or you have other favorite poetry sites/resources, you can share them at #hcsdlit.

Cathy Mere, Elementary Literacy Instructional Leader, Hilliard City Schools. Cathy has taught grades K-6, worked as a Reading Recovery and reading support teacher, and served as a literacy coach. She believes in the power of children to shape, not just our future but, our today.  She writes at Reflect and Refine, Merely Day by Day, and Choice Literacy.