Black Fly


File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0What does a black fly look like?

Black flies have clear wings.  Their body has three parts.  They are dark gray or black in color.  A black fly has two antennae and can grow to be about one-eighth inch long.  Black flies have big round eyes.


Where does a black fly live?

Black flies live all over the world by ponds, rivers & streams.  They lay their eggs in the water.


What does a black fly eat?

Black flies feed on blood from people and warm-blooded animals.


More facts about the black fly: 

- A fly’s feet can help it taste.

- A fly can live about four to six weeks.

- Black flies bite during the day but not at night.

- Only female black flies bite.

- Many places spray around ponds and streams to try and control the population of black flies in the summer.