What does a beaver look like?

 The beaver can be two to four feet long and can weigh up to seventy pounds.  Its fur is a red brown color and it is very thick.  The beaverŐs tail is black and looks like a paddle.  A beaver has long, sharp teeth that are orange in color.  Beavers have sharp claws on their webbed feet.


Where does a beaver live?

 You can find beavers in the wetlands, ponds, marshes, rivers and streams of North America.  They build a dam in the water that is made up of sticks, rocks, twigs and leaves.  Beavers also build lodges that they call home.  The beavers can only get to the lodge by swimming underwater.


What does a beaver eat?

 Beavers are herbivores (plant eaters).  They like to eat grass, herbs, fruit, leaves and water plants when the weather is warm.  When winter comes, beavers eat bark, twigs and roots.


More facts about the beaver: 

- The beaver has two coats of fur.  The outside fur is waterproof.

- Its claws are sharp and used for digging.

- The beaver moves slow on land but moves fast in the water.   It makes a big V in the water when it swims.

- A beaver can live to be twelve years old.

- They are busy all night long & like to rest during the day.

- A baby beaver is called a kit.

- Beavers have many enemies.  Three of them are the coyote, bear and wolf.  Beavers will swim and dive to get away from these predators.

- A beaver does not hibernate in the winter.  They stay in their lodge where they have stored enough food to last until spring.

- Beavers cannot see very well.  They use their good sense of smell and hearing to warn them of danger.

- Beavers have special muscles that can close off their nose and ears so they can swim under water for fifteen minutes.