Rules & Regulations

Hilliard Darby Wrestling

Team Rules

 Section I. Requirements for Eligibility:

A.        Wrestlers and wrestling stats must maintain their grades in accordance with the district’s policy. 

B.        Every wrestler must have had a Physical prior to their first practice in accordance with the OHSAA rules. If the wrestler competed in a fall sport for the High School we will already have a physical on file.

C.        Every wrestler and Stat must have a completed Emergency Medical

Authorization Form filed with the coach to be used in the event of an emergency by the first day of practiceIf the wrestler or stat competed in a fall sport for the middle school we must have a new Emergency Medical Authorization Form completed for wrestling.

D.        Every wrestler must turn in a signed Hilliard City Schools Risk Acknowledgment Statement and Travel PermitIf the wrestler competed in a fall sport for the High School we must have a new Risk Acknowledgment Statement completed for wrestling.

E.         Every wrestler and stat must turn in a Team Rules Verification Form signed by the participant and a parent or guardian.

F.         Every wrestler must pay the Hilliard City School District athletics participation fee of $65.00(Checks made out to Hilliard City Schools) If you have any financial difficulty in paying the fee, please let one of the coaches know immediately and we can work out something.

 G.        Wrestlers must wear clean Clothes to practice EVERYDAY!  Showers immediately after practice and competitions in locker room facilities are also recommended.  Also, if any skin irritation or abrasions appear on the athlete the coach must be notified immediately.

Section II. Team Rules:

 A.        All rules and regulations adopted by the Hilliard School District Athletic

            Counsel and the Ohio High School Athletic Association will be strongly enforced.

B.        Wrestlers and scheduled stats must be in the wrestling room, ready to practice, by 3:00pm and may not leave the practice area until practice is over.

C.        No food or drinks are permitted in the practice area

D.        Absences are only permissible with parental or coach’s excuse.  Unexcused absences will result in consequences including extra workouts or practices, suspension from the team and may result in expulsion from the team.

E.         All athletes must be in school the day of a meet for the entire day or they will not be able to participate nor participate in any contest for that day.  If there is a Doctors appointment or something else that is going to require missing any school time please call Darby High School and get it cleared with Mr. Shulte first! (Ath. Office Phone = 850-1004)

F.         Practice should be attended even if the athlete is injured.  If you are at school and cannot be at practice, you must see one of the coaches prior to leaving (do not send a message with another wrestler).

G.        School Policy suspensions will take place if caught using tobacco products, consuming alcohol, or taking drugs.

H.        All associated with the team must remember that they are representing the district, the school, and the coaches.  Rudeness and/or unruly behavior toward other schools and representatives will result in suspension or expulsion from the team.

I.          Wrestlers and stats must comply with all reasonable requests made by the coaching staff.

J.         All wrestlers’ hair can not be in the eyes, over the ear, or on the collar. NFHS Wrestling Rule 4 Section 2, Article 1.

Section III. General Information:         

A.        All practices begin at 3:00pm and ending times will vary.  Please see the wrestling calendar for practice times.

B.        Wrestling shoes are required.  Try to purchase some as soon as possible.  If you have any financial difficulty in purchasing shoes, please let one of the coaches know immediately.

C.        Parent Meeting will be Tuesday, December 1st at 6:00 pm

D.        Depth charts may not always reflect line-up for a Dual meet; Coaches reserve the right to make changes. Tournament line-ups WILL reflect depth charts!