Minimum Requirements

Hilliard Gymnastics

Bradley- Darby- Davidson

For a Gymnast to make the Gymnastics Team, She must meet Minimum Requirements on 3 out of the 4 Events. If she is able to do this, she is on the team regardless of the number of girls that try out.

If there are less than 9 Gymnasts that meet 3 out of the 4 Event Minimum Requirements, then the girls that meet 2 out of the 4 Event Minimum Requirements will make the team as well.

Making the Gymnastics Team does not guarantee Competition- these requirements are not requirements for Competition- only for making the team.


Handstand Flatback onto Stacked Mats (Resi-Pit)


Pull over on the Low Bar

Cast Back Hip Circle on the Low Bar

Jump from Low bar to High Bar (can be with coach spot)


Full turn on the Beam

Acro Skill (i.e.:Handstand, Cartwheel, Back Walkover)

Jump Combination with 2 Jumps

Leap or Jump with Leg Separation (i.e.:Split Jump, Split Leap, Straddle Jump)

One Jump that is “B” Gymnastic Value (i.e.: Split Jump, Tuck Jump 1/2, Pike Jump)


Roundoff Rebound

Back Bend Kickover

Front Limber

BackHandSpring (can be with a spot)

Full turn on Toe

2 “B” Gymnastic Jumps (i.e: Straddle Jump, Tuck Jump Full, Split Jump 1/2)

Split Leap or more difficult Leap

It the ultimate discretion of the Head Coach as to what qualifies as meeting Minimum Requirements.

Head Gymnastics Coach: Carol P. Eskay phone: 614-657-4327 email: