Back to School . . . Jack Frost Edition

Dr. Marschhausen outside in cold

The Hilliard City School District will return to session with the start of the second semester on Wednesday, January 3, 2018. While this isn’t opening day, there is some important information we’d like to share as we return to our daily routine.

Winter Weather and Cold Temperatures

Our benchmark for closing is around the -20 degrees with wind chill taken into account. Yes, -10 degrees is cold, but we must be consistent. Parents of younger students need to feel comfortable making plans for potential calamity days. When it’s below zero we must bundle-up, wear layers, and be prepared for the cold weather of Central Ohio winters

Also, in most cases a 2-hour delay actually makes the situation worse. Our busses run on schedules. When we delay, the busses experience different traffic conditions. This potentially changes the travel time and could expose students to extra time in the cold weather.

So, don’t plan on delays for cold weather, plan on attending school unless the temperature dips below -20 with the wind chill, and embrace the beauty of our Ohio weather.

When the snow falls in central Ohio, we have a number of factors that go into the decision of holding classes. Our transportation team is out checking roads by 3:00 AM; our mechanics are getting busses started, warmed-up, and ready for students well before dawn every morning in the winter. We communicate with city and county road crews, local law enforcement authorities, and other area districts. We have strong connections with our local media; communications is the key when making these decisions. Ultimately, the decision to close is made prior to 5:45 AM to give time for parents and students to make plans.

When school is closed, it will be communicated in many ways. Please make sure you have accurate information; double-check your sources. If you are relying on social media, make sure you are getting information from an authentic source. We will post on our web page, my Twitter, the District’s Twitter and Facebook first.

If we cancel for the day, it means all middle school and elementary activities are canceled. The high schools will make a decision later in the day on any activities. The SACC programs are closed as well. If we are on a two-hour delay, it means there will be no morning preschool, kindergarten, or morning SACC

Ultimately, our goal is to get students into school every day. During the winter always give yourself a little extra time, bundle up, and get ready to learn . . . if we can get into school, we will be having school.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Sign

On Thanksgiving Day we take time to reflect on the many blessings in our lives. We spend time with family and friends; we enjoy annual traditions and celebrate the start of the holiday season.

It’s easy on Thanksgiving Day, during the holiday weekend, to keep what’s most important on our minds and in our hearts. What’s difficult is to keep what’s most important in the forefront when we return to the daily grind of life and school.

On this day of giving thanks, don’t only utter words of thanks, but make the commitment to live your life in a spirit of thanksgiving. We must keep what’s most important on our minds and in our hearts every day of the year.

Innovative Learning Hub

As you may know, our District is building a new middle school near Bradley High School, which will replace the current Memorial Middle School in 2018. The current Station Sixth Grade School will move into the current Memorial, and the Innovative Learning Center will expand programming and open The Hub in what is currently Station.

It is with excitement that I share I have asked Mr. Craig Vroom to become the Principal for the new Innovative Learning Hub beginning in the 2018/19 school year. Mr. Vroom is a highly successful elementary and middle school principal. He is a statewide leader in digital and networking collaboration and was recognized as Ohio Middle Level Principal of the year in 2016. His innovative approach, track record of success in Hilliard, and ability to create connections will be invaluable as we expand the ILC campus.

I am also excited to announce I have asked Mr. Chad Schulte to take over as Principal of Weaver Middle School beginning next year. Mr. Schulte has spent the past five years serving as a Darby High School Assistant Principal. Prior to this role he was Athletic Director at Darby for four years.

Mr. Schulte lives in the Weaver attendance area with his wife and children who will attend Weaver in just a few years. He is happy to get the opportunity to serve the community he calls home.

Our district will continue to seek opportunities for innovation. Expanding our Innovative Learning Center is just one way we will be able to prepare our students to be Ready for Tomorrow. In the next month, we will be sharing more plans and programs that will be housed at the Hub. There is no finish line – we are on a journey. We will continue to lead, not follow, in the area of instruction and innovation.


The Importance of Breakfast

students eating breakfast

Research tells us that a hungry student is a distracted student. Starting the day with a nutritious breakfast is the best way to prepare students for the learning environment. This is a reminder that students who are approved for Free or Reduced lunch pricing may also receive breakfast free of charge. Students receive at least one fruit side with breakfast, but they can take two fruit sides if they choose. They may then select the remaining two or three components that make up the rest of their meal. We offer a variety of breakfast choices, including hot breakfast sandwiches, yogurt, breakfast bars, cereal, and milk.

If your student is not on Free or Reduced lunch pricing they are still able to purchase breakfast for $1.25. Please feel free to call Aramark at 614-921-7492 with any questions or comments.

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to help your child start the day off on the right foot.

Naviance for Middle School Families

We are very excited to introduce Naviance and Family Connections to our middle level communities. Naviance is a comprehensive K-12 college and career readiness tool that will assist us as we continue to personalize each student’s educational journey. Naviance provides opportunities for students to explore their areas of interest and connect learning to life. We know that middle level education is a critical time for self-discovery, developing confidence and understanding why their education is relevant to their future goals. Read More

Gifted Services in Hilliard

Hilliard City Schools has been working toward improving gifted identification and gifted services based on the 2016 recommendations of the Gifted Task Force. This year, we are implementing a variety of whole-grade assessments to equitably identify gifted students across our district demographic groups. For more information about how Hilliard City Schools identifies gifted students, please visit the Gifted Services page of our district website. Read More