Continuous Improvement

Getting better means a continued evaluation of current practices. What works well today – what has worked well in the past – may not always provide desired results in the future.

I am a member of the Hilliard YMCA. Over the past several weeks the YMCA has been making improvements to the facilities . . . there are a lot of changes to the layout, flooring, and exercise areas. One of the most noticeable changes is the shifting of the welcome desk from its current area to a counter adjacent to the entry. Executive Director Malik Moore explained the new design will allow the staff to always be facing the members. With the previous set-up, there was always potential for a staff member to have his/her back to a guest. Read More

Twitter Connections: Frequently Asked, but Infrequently Answered, Questions

Request: Unblock Pandora, YouTube, Spotify, gaming sites, and other entertainment options.

My Answer: Unfortunately bandwidth is a limited commodity. Streaming music, radio, or videos, playing games, and posting large files takes a disproportional amount of bandwidth. We must protect our bandwidth for instructional needs. As we add devices each year, and begin to provide devices to students with our One-2-One rollout, the requirements for online resources, Apps, and instructional videos also increase.

My recommendation is downloading your playlists, videos, and/or Apps before students come to class. Yes, I always listen to music when I’m doing work; it is relaxing and enjoyable. I plan ahead, download my playlists, and listen to music without streaming it through the district’s Wi-Fi. Read More


Hilliard School’s vision is to ensure every student is Ready for Tomorrow.

But, what does that really mean?

It is more intricate than simple academic performance on a standardized test. School performance can’t be measured by a single letter grade; school performance is complex. We must educate, and cultivate, the whole child providing exposure to the arts, leadership, citizenship, and athletics.

So, in Hilliard, we challenged ourselves to dig deeper.

We Measured Hope.

Propelling us through challenges, overcoming negative experiences, and carrying us over obstacles: Hope. Read More


During this week designed to place our collective focus on giving thanks, there is one idea I’d be grateful for the opportunity to explore with you – the idea of Home.

The very word conjures up so many images and emotions within us.

Our Home is our safe place. It is where we laugh so hard we cry, cry so hard we laugh, and allow our dreams to become our reality. Too many times, we get lost from Home. Simply turn on the TV, open the paper, or listen to the radio and you will understand what I mean. We operate in a fast-paced, ever-changing world that can leave one unsure of which direction to go.

Slow down. Read More

Assessment & Accountability Summit Recap

On Tuesday evening, November 18th the Hilliard City School District held the first Assessment & Accountability Summit. Over 200 interested parent, teachers, students, and community members attended the Summit on a frigid and snowy late autumn evening. It was a strong response to the growing concerns regarding the time the current assessment schedules take away from instruction and the stress high stakes assessments are placing on students and the education community as a whole. Read More

Community Connections

I truly love talking about the Hilliard City Schools. We have dedicated, passionate teachers and staff members. We have talented, wonderful, diverse students. We have supportive, loving parents and a great community. I am very proud to live in, and work with, the Hilliard Community.

I was recently asked about our district by a couple that just recently moved into the district. I shared that I believe we have the best school district in Ohio because we provide real world experiences, in a socially and economically Read More

The Joy of Exercise

Why do you exercise? Perhaps it is because you have been told that you will feel better? Or perhaps you want to lose weight and by exercising you will be able to keep your body size and shape under control. Or is it because you love the feel of the wind in your hair as you walk briskly outside on a cool, crisp day or the feel of the sunshine on your shoulders as you paddle a canoe down a river? The joy that comes from finding movement that you love cannot be measured, as the true benefits stretch far beyond the cardiovascular endurance, increased muscular strength, flexibility and other physiological changes that you will receive. The benefits of exercise and moving our bodies each day do not only bring us mental clarity, sharpness and focus, but improve our brains’ ability to remember well beyond our non-exercising friends. Read More