First Day of School From a First Year Teacher’s Perspective

Well… We did it! I say we, because I could not have made this DREAM come true without everyone around me. My students walked into the classroom today and immediately put the biggest smile on my face! The anticipation of this day filled me with excitement and to be honest, I was nervous too! Read More

The Focus of Reform – Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!

Educational reform is vogue today; education reform is good politics.

We are bombarded with media stories and reports about the demise of the American education system. State legislatures have moved to letter grades to share with communities their school performance on standardized assessments. Read More

We “Love” It

The Hilliard City School District recently hosted the Innovative Learning Environments (ILE) Conference at Hilliard Bradley High School. This annual conference, held this year in conjunction with our new teacher induction programming, is a great way to kick-off the new school year.

One of our keynote speakers this year was Steve Farber. Steve is an inspirational and respected speaker and author, but more importantly Steve’s message is in alignment with our mission and vision here in Hilliard Schools. For more on Steve, check out his webpage at After listening to Steve I want to share with anyone that will listen that I absolutely love my job. Read More

Twitter Day 1 Challenge – #HCSD1

With the first day of school just two short weeks away, we are eager to welcome students back to the Hilliard City Schools. Part of the excitement of the start of school is capturing many firsts and reunions. Let’s work together to capture, share and tweet all the excitement of the first day of school – Day 1.

Use #HCSD1 to tweet our students, teachers, drivers and parents as we experience the first day of school. Day 1 is just a start, but it is also a milestone. Credit Union of Ohio will donate one penny for each tweet with #HCSD1 up to 25,000 tweets. The money raised will help with financial literacy programs. Read More

Throwback Thursday – The Dream Makers Among Us

A future Superintendent, willing to dream

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

As Lady Liberty greeted thousands of dreamers to the new world, to freedom, and to the land of unending opportunities it was clear that everyone was welcome. The American Dream was available to all that cross the great ocean – to each individual that left the old world to experience the new. A better life, a limitless future was at the fingertips there on Ellis Island . . . it was in the air. It was magic! Read More

Consistency in Websites is Important

The Hilliard City School District formed the Education Advisory Committee in early 2014. This committee, comprised of approximately two-dozen parents, community members and employees, provides our team great conversation about the direction of the district.

One of the first conversations of the Education Advisory Committee was centered on our communications strategies and plans. Our district is proud of our communications efforts and eager to continually seek ways to improve our strategies. Ultimately, our communications goals are ever-changing . . . we continue to refine and reinvent our plans. Our website serves as a “home base” for communications and is a springboard for other opportunities. Read More

Grant Money Makes Medical Program Renovations Possible

Hilliard City Schools announced earlier this year that thanks to a nearly $1 million grant from the State’s Straight A Fund, the district would be expanding its medical field opportunities for students. Academy MD is part of the programming options available at the McVey Innovative Learning Center and helps students to be prepared for one of the fastest growing industries for job growth not only now, but for the foreseeable future as well. Read More