During this week designed to place our collective focus on giving thanks, there is one idea I’d be grateful for the opportunity to explore with you – the idea of Home.

The very word conjures up so many images and emotions within us.

Our Home is our safe place. It is where we laugh so hard we cry, cry so hard we laugh, and allow our dreams to become our reality. Too many times, we get lost from Home. Simply turn on the TV, open the paper, or listen to the radio and you will understand what I mean. We operate in a fast-paced, ever-changing world that can leave one unsure of which direction to go.

Slow down. Read More

Assessment & Accountability Summit Recap

On Tuesday evening, November 18th the Hilliard City School District held the first Assessment & Accountability Summit. Over 200 interested parent, teachers, students, and community members attended the Summit on a frigid and snowy late autumn evening. It was a strong response to the growing concerns regarding the time the current assessment schedules take away from instruction and the stress high stakes assessments are placing on students and the education community as a whole. Read More

Community Connections

I truly love talking about the Hilliard City Schools. We have dedicated, passionate teachers and staff members. We have talented, wonderful, diverse students. We have supportive, loving parents and a great community. I am very proud to live in, and work with, the Hilliard Community.

I was recently asked about our district by a couple that just recently moved into the district. I shared that I believe we have the best school district in Ohio because we provide real world experiences, in a socially and economically Read More

The Joy of Exercise

Why do you exercise? Perhaps it is because you have been told that you will feel better? Or perhaps you want to lose weight and by exercising you will be able to keep your body size and shape under control. Or is it because you love the feel of the wind in your hair as you walk briskly outside on a cool, crisp day or the feel of the sunshine on your shoulders as you paddle a canoe down a river? The joy that comes from finding movement that you love cannot be measured, as the true benefits stretch far beyond the cardiovascular endurance, increased muscular strength, flexibility and other physiological changes that you will receive. The benefits of exercise and moving our bodies each day do not only bring us mental clarity, sharpness and focus, but improve our brains’ ability to remember well beyond our non-exercising friends. Read More

Igniting Community Partnerships

First of all, thank you to everyone who attended our State of the Schools events – IGNITE – last week. It was wonderful to see so many partners in education actively engaged and empowered at a district event.

I am proud to host our first Assessment and Accountability Summit. This inaugural event will be the first opportunity for us as a community, to work together and partner on issues that directly impact our students. We must stand-up for Hilliard students; we must be advocates for the children of our community. The proliferation of mandated assessments has reached a tipping point; it is up to us as a community to chart our course for the future. Read More

Life Long Learning

Friday, October 17th is Central Ohio In-Service Day for teachers – often referred to as COI day in the school ranks. This is a specific day, set aside by many central Ohio school districts for our teachers to be the students. We ask so much of these dedicated professionals. The investment of time . . . time with specific learning objectives in mind . . . is essential for our professional staff. Read More

Ignite – A Night of Parent and Community Engagement

For this year’s State of the Schools event, we are trying something different. Instead of parents and community members simply coming together on one night to listen to me speak, we are expanding the opportunities and offering three nights of engagement to “Ignite” your interest and passion for the future of Hilliard City Schools. Read More