Testing and Assessment Requirements Eased for 2015-16

We have a voice . . . and we’ve been heard.

We met, we shared our concerns, and we engaged in the democratic process . . . and the General Assembly made changes.

Beginning with the Testing and Accountability Summit at Weaver Middle School on a cold, snowy evening last fall and culminating with Governor Kasich signing the budget bill into law, Ohio is making common sense changes to the assessment and accountability system. Read More

Throwback Thursday – Kindergarten News and Notes

Our dream is to be able to offer all-day, every-day kindergarten to the families in the Hilliard Community. As educators we know there are tremendous benefits for most children with a full-day experience in kindergarten. We know that all-day kindergarten does not equate to “double” the instructional time. We would, of course, add lunch, recess, and specials to the kindergarten day. The additional time for socialization and soft-skill development is very valuable. The additional time for personalized learning and leveling the playing field is incredibly important.

In a recent poll of registered voters in the Hilliard City School District an impressive 74.9% of respondents believed we should offer all-day kindergarten. We have two Read More

Time for Reflection

As Olaf reminds us . . . “the summer breeze blows away a winter storm” . . . we are in the midst enjoying the summer sun, family vacations, and “just letting off steam.”

Well . . . at least many of the children are letting off steam. I am hopeful that as adults we take some time to enjoy the longer days, find time for much needed rest and relaxation, and find time to reflect and recharge. Read More

Final Exam Changes

Tests and assessments . . . students have been taking them in American schools for generations. Exams are part of our school culture; we test students to see what they know, where they need to improve, and if our instructional practices are reaching the students. I don’t know an educator who believes we should get rid of all assessments. We must have accountability in our schools.

The recent focus on assessments in Ohio has garnered a great deal of media attention. Teachers, parents, and students have expressed serious concerns about the amount of testing we are doing in our public schools. There is legislation pending to reduce the time spent on state assessments; our legislators have heard us and are considering a myriad of options. Read More

Autism Awareness Month

In honor of Autism Awareness month, I wanted to share some personal reflections about autism and the students I have been privileged to serve.

I remember when I entered the profession and was asked about my experience with students with autism. All I could say was that I had heard the term. Fortunately, my knowledge has increased over the years through experiences, relationships with parents, professional development, my Master’s work, earning my autism certification and especially through my time with students. The students who have entered my life have had a profound impact that I will always treasure. I, in turn, learned so much by entering their world through glimpses of their thoughts, experiences, disappointments, misunderstandings and humor. Read More

Frequently Asked Questions – Bullying Reporting and Process

How do I report potential cases of bullying to the school?

If you feel your child is the victim of bullying, there are multiple ways you can report the situation. Often the most effective way to report your concerns is a call directly to the building principal. Our principals have been trained in handling bullying situations, the building staff is the closest to the situation, and the building staff will likely be conducting the investigation. Our building leaders know their students – our ultimate goal is to remedy the situation, provide immediate support and resources for the victim, and help the aggressor learn from unacceptable behaviors. Read More