Infrequently Answered Questions – August 2016

Why are we starting school so early this year? When I went to school we started after Labor Day and ended before Memorial Day.

First things first – 180 days of school is 180 days of school. Even back when we, as parents, attended public school the length of the year was the same as it is today.

Here’s the difference – we now have many more vacations and breaks placed in the school year. We’ve agreed, contractually and by community expectations, to two full weeks during the Holiday Season, to a full week in the spring, to three days at Thanksgiving, and a four-day weekend in February. We still have 180 days . . . these breaks (which are important in my professional judgement) spread-out the calendar. Read More

Guest Blog: Parents, Take Advantage One2One Help Sessions

By Denise Regenbogen, Hilliard Parent

I have a daughter heading to high school; she had an iPad last year. As she got her iPad in the beginning of the school year, I had concerns about it. Since I am not a very tech-savvy mom, I worried, how will I know what is going on. How can I see her work? How will I know what she is doing? How will I know she is using the IPad correctly? Read More

Getting Your Money’s Worth from Hilliard Schools

What does a diploma from Hilliard City Schools signify? How does it stack up to the diplomas bestowed by other high schools? And in a year when a school levy is going to be placed on the ballot, how do we know we’re getting our money’s worth?

There is perhaps no more subjective yet important topic in public education. It’s a large reason why we have all the state-imposed rules for standardized testing, graduation requirements, and district report cards. All attempts to assure us as taxpayers that the billions of dollars spent in Ohio for public education is money well spent. Read More

Autism Awareness Month

By Cory Poe, Intervention Specialist Teacher Leader

April is a time to raise awareness, take action and celebrate Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). According to the most recent CDC report, it is estimated that 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with ASD. It has also been determined that this statistic has stayed the same since the last report was released in 2014. There are many components to consider when interacting with a child with ASD. Here are a few tips: Read More

Infrequently Answered Questions

From time to time Superintendent John Marschhausen is asked similar questions from different members of the community. In an effort to share the answers with everyone he puts the questions here with his candid responses.

What is the timeline for a decision about a potential levy in November?

The Board of Education is examining a number of different options. The district has both operational needs and facility needs. Furthermore, the facility needs include both addressing increases in student enrollment and maintenance for existing buildings. Mr. Brian Wilson, Hilliard City Schools Treasurer, will present the Board with options for operating costs. The Board will consider the potential duration a new levy will provide sufficient funds, personnel and staffing levels, and forecast data. The mills required as part of the operating levy are planned to be determined by the end of May. Read More

The Importance of Breakfast

Last week we celebrated National School Breakfast Week, and as a pediatrician and parent, I am so grateful that Hilliard City Schools provides daily school breakfast for our children. The evidence surrounding the importance of breakfast in cognition and academic performance is overwhelming, but studies also show that many children start their day without the fuel they need to succeed.

I know it’s not easy to pull together a perfectly balanced breakfast every morning — let alone get the kids to eat it. We’re busy trying to get them ready for school and ourselves ready for work or the day ahead, and the battle can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. As frazzled as we feel as Read More