Shedding Some Light on Lighting

Several years ago the Hilliard City School District took advantage of a financing option allowed by Ohio Revised Code to improve energy efficiency in a school district. One of the areas Hilliard made improvements was outdoor lighting – most specifically, the parking lots at our Transportation Compound at Davidson, Davidson High School, Weaver Middle School and Bradley High School. Read More

Our Carousel of Progress

He was a master storyteller, and I was suddenly a superintendent turned student – captured by my vacationing 16-year-old while captivated by a video of Walt Disney giving insight into his Carousel of Progress – a show he shaped.

Just watching this innovator talk, I was learning.

Introduced at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City, millions of people have watched Walt’s creation; the Carousel of Progress has had more performances than any other stage show in American theater. In its most simple form it’s a story about American progress. Read More

Frequently Asked, but Infrequently Answered, Questions

Will the Hilliard Schools consider closing on January 13, 2015 due to the time of the Buckeyes playing in the National Championship?

The Hilliard City School District brand is, “Ready for Tomorrow.” Our goal is to work with the families and our community to prepare students for life as adults. While I am a huge Buckeye fan, and many of the Board of Education Members and administrative team members are lifelong OSU fans, we plan to hold school as scheduled on Tuesday, January 13. Parents and community members will go to work the morning following the National Championship – hopefully with huge smiles, wearing Buckeye gear, and sharing highlights of a great game. Sure, we may be a little tired and we may be dragging a little, but Ready for Tomorrow means meeting obligations and fulfilling requirements. Read More

Snow Days…Putting Safety First

I’ve been asked several questions about our calamity days. It seems that the decision making process is a bit mysterious to some – especially the students who follow me on Twitter. There is no mystery – we put safety first, gather all available information, and make the best decision possible at the time. Here are a couple common questions from the past couple days, with my short answer to each. My goal is for our community – our parents and students – to understand the decision making process. Read More

When the Weather Outside is Frightful…

One of the great things about living in Central Ohio is the changing of the seasons. We live in a region with four distinctive seasons; it is part of the beauty of our great community. From the blossoming of spring tulips, to the children swimming at the community pool, from a Friday night football game, to the musings of White Christmas, we have it all in Hilliard, Ohio. One of the realities of Ohio winters is traveling in winter weather. From a superintendent’s perspective the early morning winter decisions are not a delightful aspect of Central Ohio weather. Read More

Continuous Improvement

Getting better means a continued evaluation of current practices. What works well today – what has worked well in the past – may not always provide desired results in the future.

I am a member of the Hilliard YMCA. Over the past several weeks the YMCA has been making improvements to the facilities . . . there are a lot of changes to the layout, flooring, and exercise areas. One of the most noticeable changes is the shifting of the welcome desk from its current area to a counter adjacent to the entry. Executive Director Malik Moore explained the new design will allow the staff to always be facing the members. With the previous set-up, there was always potential for a staff member to have his/her back to a guest. Read More

Twitter Connections: Frequently Asked, but Infrequently Answered, Questions

Request: Unblock Pandora, YouTube, Spotify, gaming sites, and other entertainment options.

My Answer: Unfortunately bandwidth is a limited commodity. Streaming music, radio, or videos, playing games, and posting large files takes a disproportional amount of bandwidth. We must protect our bandwidth for instructional needs. As we add devices each year, and begin to provide devices to students with our One-2-One rollout, the requirements for online resources, Apps, and instructional videos also increase.

My recommendation is downloading your playlists, videos, and/or Apps before students come to class. Yes, I always listen to music when I’m doing work; it is relaxing and enjoyable. I plan ahead, download my playlists, and listen to music without streaming it through the district’s Wi-Fi. Read More