It’s Our Time

Doing business better isn’t limited to operations, improved programming, and saving money. Doing business better means learning from the past, being transparent and honest, and engaging our community in different ways.

Issue 58 provides our community with a choice – a choice to protect and preserve the quality of programs and opportunities for the Hilliard City School District.

Issue 58 also brings with it a different sense of urgency – this is our time to make a decision as a community. This isn’t a “fail now, pass later levy.” The need is real . . . this is our time! Read More

Guest Blog: Online Opens Opportunities

Each student has a path to his or her own Tomorrow and, in Hilliard City Schools, we believe there are many ways for students to find their unique paths. By providing personalized opportunities K-12 in the traditional brick and mortar school buildings, we have seen many students select paths that align with their passions and interests. But what about the student who might not want to choose the road that has been traveled before? What if his or her path needs a non-traditional route to ensure he or she is, in fact, Ready for Tomorrow? The Read More

Infrequently Answered Questions

Tim Kight, Brian Kight, and the team from Focus 3 work in the corporate world and must come with a hefty price tag. How is the district able to afford bringing Focus 3 to Hilliard Schools?

Focus 3 and the Hilliard City School District are in partnership for the creation of R-Factor materials in the K-12 Education space. By working together, we have agreed to create material, lessons, and documents that can be used to spread this work to a larger client base in the future. We are blessed to work with Tim and Brian Kight; they have dedicated time, expertise, and talent to our district. We are proud to be partners. Our work as a district is an “in kind” payment for Focus 3’s traditional fees; our agreement does not require any monetary payment to Focus 3. It is truly a great opportunity to live our mission – to ensure that every student is Ready for Tomorrow by learning and teaching every day. Read More

Guest Blog: College Credit Plus and Advanced Placement Course Success Rising

Our district’s mission is to prepare each student to be “Ready for Tomorrow.” Tomorrow is going to be very different for many of our students. We are proud of the personalized education we offer our students each day. There are many avenues for our students to pursue as they work toward being Ready for their own Tomorrow. Read More

Infrequently Answered Questions

What is the R-Factor training the students are receiving this year?

The R-Factor is a system for handling daily events and personal responsibility. It develops self-discipline; it asks each of us to Press Pause and think about what we want to say and how we want to act. Tim and Brian Kight with Focus 3 have developed the R-Factor. Focus 3 and the Hilliard City School District is partnering to bring this leadership model to our students. Our team in Hilliard is creating age-specific teacher modules, with support from Tim and Brian Kight, for our students. We know that the life skills we teach our students – determination, perseverance, grit – must be balanced with the academic skills we provide in our classrooms. The Hilliard Way is a whole child approach to education . . . we truly prepare each and every student with the skills to be Ready for Tomorrow.

If you are interested in learning more about the R-Factor and the E + R = O formula, Read More

Infrequently Answered Questions – August 2016

Why are we starting school so early this year? When I went to school we started after Labor Day and ended before Memorial Day.

First things first – 180 days of school is 180 days of school. Even back when we, as parents, attended public school the length of the year was the same as it is today.

Here’s the difference – we now have many more vacations and breaks placed in the school year. We’ve agreed, contractually and by community expectations, to two full weeks during the Holiday Season, to a full week in the spring, to three days at Thanksgiving, and a four-day weekend in February. We still have 180 days . . . these breaks (which are important in my professional judgement) spread-out the calendar. Read More