One Time Assessment Have Little Value

This week the Ohio Board of Education was presented information about student performance on last year’s PARCC Exams. A recent Columbus Dispatch Article says the State Board is considering setting a lower “benchmark” for passage rates. Members of the State Board are quoted in the piece sharing that Ohio’s students are expected to have lower scores because the test is more difficult. Here we go . . . brace for the sky is falling headline in the future.

First of all, we need to be cautious about what we read into any assessment, but this situation requires us to “press pause.” Think about it for a Read More

I.N.V.E.S.T. in the Hilliard Way: Investment Connections

Over the last two plus years we have held Coffee Connections . . . opportunities for our community to come and talk with me, your superintendent, about the happenings in the Hilliard City Schools. Some of these conversations have been one-on-one about personal concerns, while some of the conversations have been broader group discussions. Honestly, I enjoy each and every opportunity to talk about our amazing school district. If you ask anyone who knows me well you will hear that I love to talk education, Hilliard, and improvement. We have a great foundation in Hilliard; we do amazing work. I am incredibly optimistic, I draw positive energy, knowing we have only scratched the surface. We are excellent today . . . we are going to be exceptional tomorrow. Read More

I.N.V.E.S.T. in the Hilliard Way: TRUST

Each day more than 16,000 students cross a threshold into classrooms in the Hilliard City School District. Parents entrust us . . . as professional educators . . . to care for, to educate, and to nurture their children. In most cases, these young people spend more waking hours with us then they do with their parents. By the time students get to middle and high school they are with us even longer. This autumn, marching band directors and Read More

I.N.V.E.S.T. in the Hilliard Way: Spirit

Teaching isn’t merely a job . . . it is a calling. Our teachers, administrators, and support staff don’t do what they do simply for a paycheck. In the words of a Hilliard teacher, “My determined purpose as an educator/teacher is to first LOVE my students and second to help them fall in love with learning!” This is why teachers do what they do.

In the words of another Hilliard teacher, “When you love what you do, and feel called according to your purpose, this way Read More

I.N.V.E.S.T. in the Hilliard Way: Energy

Energy . . . we learned in physics class that energy is a property of objects that can be transferred but cannot be created or destroyed. We are all made of energy . . . we are energy.

In the Hilliard City Schools, we purposefully behave with enthusiasm and relentlessly pursue positive energy. We support each other . . . we are committed to putting an end to negative energy. We talk to people, not about them. We can count on each other . . . we hold each other accountable. Read More

I.N.V.E.S.T. in the Hilliard Way: Value

An excellent public school district provides exceptional value to a community. An excellent public school district that is committed to continued growth – that is driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence – takes an entire community to a higher standard. Read More