Bid Notice


Awarded Bids

# 3 Concrete Milcon Commercial Concrete, Inc. $1,353,138
# 4 Masonry Kirk Bros.Masonry, Inc. $4,077,000
# 5 Structural and Miscellaneous Steel North Central Fabrication, Ltd. $1,398,000
 # 6 General Trades Miles McClellan Construction $2,997,000
# 8 Glass and Glazing Hilliard Glass $529,140
#11 Food Service Stafford Smith, Inc. $366,989
#12 Caseworks Stonecreek Interior Systems, LLC $619,800
#13 Athletic Grandstands Outdoor Aluminum Inc. $155,000
#21 Fire Suppression Gutridge Plumbing, Inc. $289,200
#22 Plumbing Gutridge Plumbing, Inc. $1,150,670
#23 HVAC Mielke Mechanical Inc. $2,978,468
#26 Electrical and Technology Accurate Electric Construction, Inc. $2,585,200
#32.0 Asphalt Chemcote Asphalt Paving Co. $680,420
#32.1 Landscape and Final Site Work Brookside Construction Services, Inc. $137,205
#7 Roofing Harold J. Becker Company, Inc., through the Tremco/National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance (NIPA) $1,650,915
#9 Flooring Levitate Plus Flooring, per the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) Contract No. 121715-MMI and E&I Cooperative Services Contract No. CNR-01309 $699,806


BID ADDENDUMS-Update to the Legal Notice for the New Middle School Project

The following Addendums have been issued:
Addendum #5 includes revised estimate of cost, updated scopes of work, and completed RFIs.

Addendum No. 2, issued Feb. 1, 2017. Notified bidders of specific combined bid options that would be allowed.

Addendum No. 3, issued Feb. 3, 2017. Extended bid opening to February 14, 2017, at 2 p.m. at the same location; included replacement documents for the bid submittal to address specific combined bid options (instructions to bidder, bid form, and bid guaranty and contract bond); technical clarifications to drawings and specifications.

ADDENDUM NO. 4 to Drawings and Project Manual, dated January 9, 2017, for New Hilliard Memorial Middle School, Hilliard City Schools, 2140 Atlas Street, Columbus, Ohio 43228; as prepared by Fanning/Howey Associates, Inc., Dublin, Ohio.

This Addendum shall hereby be and become a part of the Contract Documents the same as if originally bound thereto.

The following clarifications, amendments, additions, revisions, changes, and modifications change the original Contract Documents only in the amount and to the extent hereinafter specified in this Addendum.

If you do not receive an addendum, contact D.C. Reprographics, 1254 Courtland Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43201 (Telephone: 614.297.1200;; the addendums are also available for examination, without charge, at the following locations during normal business hours:

Elford Plan Room – 1220 Dublin Rd., Columbus, OH 43205
D.C. Reprographics, 1254 Courtland Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201

Hilliard City Schools (HCS) will accept bids at the Director of Business’s Office, Hilliard City Schools Support Services Building, 2140 Atlas St, Columbus OH 43228 until 1:00 PM EST, Feb 9, 2017, when bids will be publicly opened and read for the Hilliard New Middle School Building Trades Packages, based upon Specifications prepared by Fanning/Howey Associates.

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Testing and Inspection Services for a New Middle School Project


Hilliard City Schools requests statements of qualification from qualified engineering firms to provide testing and inspection services for a new middle school project. Contact Cliff Hetzel, Director of Business ( ) to receive the RFQ for the requested services. Responses must be submitted electronically to Mr. Hetzel by 4 pm on October 14, 2016.

Hilliard City Schools, through its duly authorized officials, reserves the right to reject any, part of any, or all proposals, and to waive informality in any proposals submitted.


Construction Management Request for Proposal

Qualifications for construction management (CM) services in an agency role will be received by Hilliard City Schools to provide on-going CM services for current and future permanent improvement (PI) projects to maintain and upgrade District facilities, as well as planning and programming in preparation for a significant capital program that may be funded as early as November 2016 through a bond issue. A selection process is underway for a design professional to serve as the District’s architect-of-record for current and future PI projects. CM services will begin immediately upon selection and will continue for as long as the District wishes to use the CM’s services; for individual projects, CM services include pre-construction activities; will extend through the construction and post-construction phases and will include, under terms to be agreed to with the Owner, review and input during the design phases, assistance in bidding and evaluating bids, scheduling, coordination and review of contractor work and close-out of the Project.

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Design Professional Request for Proposal

Hilliard City Schools is accepting qualifications from design professionals to serve as the District’s architect of record for current and future permanent improvement projects and specifically at this time to provide assistance with programming and planning for a future capital project. Services will begin immediately upon selection. The District will also establish a qualifications file for other architects, engineers, landscape architects, and surveyors that may provide needed services for PI projects when the cost of services will be less than $50,000. Read More