Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures










For the safety of our children, please follow the guidelines listed below and share this information with anyone that will be dropping off or picking your child up.

• During 8:40-9:05 and 3:20‐3:45 (Bus Drop off and pick‐up), enter the school parking lot using the Britton Access Road between Britton Elementary and Norwich Elementary. During this time the entrance nearest to Britton Elementary School is for buses only.

• Students may enter the building at 8:50 a.m. Staff members are not on duty to monitor students before this time. Parents entering after 9:05 with students must come in the main entrance and check in at the office.

• Wait in the car and daycare line along the parking lot until a staff member signals for cars to pull forward after the busses have unloaded/loaded and exited the loading lane.

• Follow the signals of the staff members on duty to enter the loading lane. We unload/load students between the two green safety men at the far end of the drive.  Pull as far forward as possible to allow us to have four vehicles in the loading zone just beyond the main crosswalk.

• When you have dropped off or picked up your student in the loading lane, please exit the parking lot using the access road between Britton Elementary and Norwich Elementary.

• If you would like to walk your child to the door, please park in a parking space not blocking and not behind any other parked car. Walk your child to the school using the main / middle crosswalk. Students are not permitted to be in the parking lot without adult supervision. PLEASE DO NOT DROP CHILDREN IN THE PARKING LOT.

***PLEASE REMEMBER*** Our teachers are out there before and after school to help keep our children safe. We thank you for partnering with us by following the above procedures.