Board Connection

HCS_circleThe Hilliard City Schools’ Board of Education met during a regular meeting on Monday, October 14, 2013. The following highlights some of the major items discussed and decided. For additional information about the board, visit the district’s website at

Andy Teater, President; Lisa Whiting, Vice President; Heather Keck, member; Paul Lambert, member and Doug Maggied, member. 

Recognition and Program

Hilliard Bradley High School (HBR) Advanced Placement Physics students and teacher Mike Limbird shared how a simple challenge turned into a 21st century authentic learning experience. Students are using college and career readiness skills to research, design and build their own ping pong tanks from scratch. Students worked together to design and refine their tank to meet specific requirements and completed the task of hitting a target with a ping pong. The project addresses several objectives of the district’s Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) including:

  • Student success will increase through rigorous curriculum design, instructional best practices and purposeful environments that maximize learner autonomy and the capacity to thrive in the 21st century;
  • Student learning will be maximized through the implementation of 21st century instructional practices that are responsive to assessment results and designed to meet the individual needs of students;
  • Implement a lesson that embodies the college and career readiness standards that maximizes learner autonomy and the capacity to thrive in the 21st century;
  • Student learning will be enhanced through the creation of purposeful learning environments that promote innovative global experiences; and,
  • Explore authentic learning experiences for students and staff through community partnerships and nontraditional learning venues.

The board recognized the students for their hard work with the project and thanked Mr. Limbird for designing a lesson that embraces, engages and inspires so that students are ready for tomorrow.

Consent Agenda Items


Congratulations to the following staff members who are retiring:

  • Linda Brown, secretary III at Central Office, has been with Hilliard City Schools since June 1989;
  • Sharon Gawronski, intervention tutor who has been with Hilliard City Schools since August 2008; and,
  • William Jenkins, custodian at Alton Darby Elementary School, has been with Hilliard City Schools since July 1996.

Action Agenda Items

  • 2013 Summer Graduation

Superintendent John Marschhausen, Ph.D. recommended that the board issue diplomas for three students that completed graduation requirements over the summer.

  • Purchase of Electric Service

Superintendent John Marschhausen, Ph.D., recommended that the board adopt a resolution that authorized the purchase of competitive retail electric service from the lowest responsible bid submitted to the Metropolitan Educational Council (MEC). By bidding and purchasing electric services through the MEC, Hilliard City Schools has the option to take advantage of economies of scale that often receive better pricing. If the MEC rates are not as favorable as the district’s current rates, then the district is not obligated to purchase this service rate. This is part of the district’s ongoing efforts to ensure a fiscally responsible budget while still providing a quality education to students. The MEC agreement allows the district to control operating costs and save taxpayer dollars where it can.

  • Five Year Forecast

Treasurer Brain Wilson led the board through the Five-Year Financial Forecast for Fiscal Year (FY) 2014-18. The forecast is a financial planning document that the state requires the board to approve twice each year. It provides a snapshot of where the school district stands today regarding its financial picture and provides estimates as to where different pieces may stand during the next five years. Wilson highlighted several important pieces of the forecast including:

  • Hilliard Schools’ top priority is ensuring a fiscally responsible budget while providing a quality education to students.
  • Since 2008, the district has cut more than $21 million from its budget.
  • Total Revenue sources for FY 2014 is very close to FY 2006 with 63 percent of the total funding coming from local tax revenue and 33 percent in the form of State School Foundation dollars and State Reimbursements.
  • State School Foundation Aid has increased after multiple years of cuts. The increase is likely to account for less than two percent of the district’s overall budget and State Foundation Aid per Pupil is not at the level it was in 2006. However, this is expected to increase in the coming year.
  • Wilson noted that the historic Revenue per Pupil data shows a decline in the Business Personal Property Tax while Real Estate Taxes have slightly increased since 2006.
  • Hilliard City Schools expenditure per pupil have remained moderate and continue to reflect the district’s priority of ensuring a fiscally responsible budget while still providing a quality education to students.
  • Wilson noted the importance of continuing to watch the state budget system including the Tangible Personal Property (TPP) reimbursement as these revenue sources have had significant changes during recent years.
  • He also stressed how various legislative pieces impact the district’s bottom line such as the Affordable Care Act and student “Scholarships” that direct state dollars away from state school funding.

The forecast is a planning tool that is adjusted as real-time data and information is received. The board unanimously approved the forecast as presented and thanked Mr. Wilson for his expertise and leadership in this area.

Superintendent’s Report

Superintendent John Marschhausen, Ph.D. updated the board on various initiatives throughout the district including:

  • October 8th marked Marschhausen’s 100th day as the Superintendent of Hilliard City Schools. During his interview he proposed a plan of how he would reach out and get to know the community, students and staff in the district during his first 100 days. Marschhausen reported on his progress of that plan and shared stories of his experiences. You can read more about Marschhausen’s first 100 days in the Get Connected blog from October 8, 2013.