Avery Elementary Helps Wildlife Program in Rwanda

Students at Avery Elementary raised money for Partners in Conservation this month. The group, based at the Columbus Zoo, raises money to help the wildlife in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They begin by helping the people. They share different ways the people can provide for their families without going into the protected forest where endangered animals reside.

The students donated items for the third grade garage sale thus furthering the conservation idea of reusing items instead of throwing things out to fill our landfills. Students also spent time understanding economics by seeing the relationship between capital and profit. They learned about how the resources used for making crafts to sell must be subtracted from the price of the craft in order to understand how much money was actually made on the craft sale. The students made Rwandan banners, bracelets, beadie critters, and mini notebooks for this sale.

Funds are still coming in for this year. However, any amount raised reinforces the idea that any deed is important and the wonderful feeling of giving cannot be duplicated. Congratulations to the third, fourth and fifth grade students for their generosity and compassion for this important cause.