Athletic Sustainability Committee Findings Result in Savings

HCSDlogoCommunity and Staff Work Together to Reorganize Athletics Structure
More than 150 residents, parents and staff members worked together to review the pay-to-participate fees as well as other aspects of the athletics program in the Hilliard City School District in June 2011. Today, the district is able to announce more than $500,000 in savings per year because of two reorganizations that were included in the committee findings.

“Hilliard City Schools is committed to implementing cost effective operations while still providing a quality and complete education for students,” said Hilliard City Schools Superintendent Dale A. McVey. “When possible, we trim and cut and have eliminated more than $19.6 million from our budget since 2008. This is simply another step in honoring that commitment to our community.”

The Athletics Sustainability Committee included 154 community members as well as district coaches and administrators. The group met for six weeks throughout the summer of 2011 to examine the district’s pay-to-participate structure and gain a deeper understanding of the overall athletics program. Every community member was given the opportunity to work with small groups and share their individual ideas. The committee compiled a 266-page book of findings that was shared with the full Board of Education. Two key items from those findings included the use of athletic trainer services and the management structure of the overall program.

During the March 11 board meeting, members unanimously approved a contract with Ohio Health for athletic training services. This approach is already being used at Hilliard Bradley High School and will save the district approximately $150,000 per year.

In addition, three vacant management positions within the overall athletic program will not be filled. Previously, Hilliard City Schools employed two positions at each high school and one position at each middle school to manage and support the student athletic programs. This created a total of nine positions across the six schools. Instead, the structure will be reorganized to create two positions that will support and oversee the entire middle and high school program for each of the three middle to high school boundaries. This will create a total of six positions. By eliminating three positions, the district will save approximately $350,000 which brings the annual savings up to $500,000 per year.

“We are pleased that we could work with our community to identify further cost savings within our athletic programs,” noted McVey. “Hilliard City Schools is leading the way with cost savings that reduce our operational costs and direct more money into the classroom. This is yet another example of this culture that also provides a good value to our community.”